The top 10 huge facts on how internet consume much power

We are driven at this time of power consumption due to many things that we use. From the cell phone, we use the light that is turned on going to the fridge in our house to the projector used in the classroom. Power consumption is everywhere and many people already have been used to it that is why power outage is not welcomed. There are many complaints that will arrive and we can also experience many inconveniences. Transactions cannot proceed as they are automated.

With the billion number of users around the world, they all use the power so they can access the internet. There has been the surge of internet use and so do the power consumption as many even reduce sleep so they are online. If you will see the comparison of the use of internet of data centers compared to the auto industry it is interesting. The data center consumes much power but more is wasted than the ones that are actually used. If data stored is processed to produce data it is efficient.

But most of the data that are gathered cannot be processed due to lack of time and so they are just stored and can be considered as waste. The world cannot cope or deal with all the issues as a result of advancement in technology or become a modern world. It is not all benefits and advantage but there are issues that no one has yet to deal with.

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