The Great Impact of Internet

Some people can think that the use of internet has nothing bad to do to us. Do you think so? Surely, it makes our life more convenient. However, if we allow the internet to swallow us, then, it will ruin our lives. How is that possible? As you know, there are a lot of countries that has a very high technology. They can create a lot of amazing gadgets. With the use of the internet, too, there are more mobile applications being featured such as games.

Talking about these games, you can make it as only your “past-time”. However, don’t you know that games are also deadly? Yes, it can be when you are too much addicted to it. In some countries, there are news wherein someone died. It is not because of accident, but of too much addiction especially in computer games. It is such a bad and great impact of internet.

We are all free to use the internet, however, some people would use it in the wrong way. They use it not to help others but for their own benefit. Internet is being used to deceive other people. It is being used to cheat and destroy others. Such things are being done nowadays.

Internet has a lot of good points or advantages, too. It gives a lot of information to people around the world. As an internet user, you can use it for entertainment by watching movies, comics or animation and others.